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Associate's Degree + Allied Health Career = Top Earnings!

By Andrea Santiago,, December 14, 2007

Allied health careers offer many options for a variety of interests, skills and schedules. Furthermore, allied health professions are among the highest paying jobs for professionals who have earned an associate's degree, which typically entails two years of undergraduate coursework at a community college or technical school. Allied healthcare includes a variety of positions which support nurses and physicians as technicians or assistants.
According to a report by CNN, allied healthcare careers make up half of the top ten highest paying careers for professionals who hold an associate's degree. If this sounds interesting, first you may want to learn more about allied health professions, and what they pay. Next, once you have a basic understanding of the roles that are available in allied healthcare, you may then decide which role sounds best for you based on your personality, interests, and skills! Best of luck to you, and Happy Health Careers!

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