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To qualify for CMAS(AMT) certification:
  1. Applicant shall be of good moral character.

  2. Applicant shall be a graduate of, or scheduled to graduate from:

    A. A medical office administrative program that holds programmatic accreditation by (or is in a post-secondary school or college that holds institutional accreditation by) the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools (ABHES).

    B. A medical office administrative program in a post-secondary school or college that has institutional accreditation by a Regional Accrediting Commission or by a national accrediting organization approved by the U.S. Department of Education, which program includes a minimum of 720 clock-hours (or equivalent) of training in medical office administrative skills (including a practical externship). Training program must have been structured to include at least the following content areas: 1) medical records management, 2) health care insurance processing, coding and billing, 3) office financial responsibilities, and 4) information processing.

  3. Applicant shall be certified as a Registered Medical Assistant (RMA) (or equivalent) and possess a minimum of two (2)years experience working as a medical office administrative specialist.

  4. Applicant shall have been employed as a medical office administrative specialist for a minimum of five (5) years.


To be eligible to earn an NHA certification, the individual must meet the requirements below:

  • Possess either a High School Diploma, or equivalency, and,
  • Recently successfully completed a training program or have one year of work experience within the field. Candidates must be able to provide written proof of training or experience. While candidates may obtain the NHA certification with 1 year experience and not have completed a training program, this may not be sufficient to meet any state registration or licensure requirements if they exist. Please check with your state regulatory agencies for specific requirements.

Candidates are ultimately responsible for knowing any registration or licensure requirements in their state.

An applicant scheduled to graduate from an accredited high school or GED Program may receive a provisional certification under the policies below.

Medical Office Administration
Accredited Schools offer Medical Office Administration Training and Education

Medical Office Administration, Medical Office Management

What is Medical Office Administration?
Medical Office Administration is one of the fastest growing occupations and offers a career with excellent earning potential, advancement possibilities, and personal satisfaction. As the demand for patient care continues to grow, health care providers need well-trained administrative professionals to run the medical office, ensuring the business aspect of the health care facility is functioning smoothly and efficiently. While these professionals must possess the same clerical skills required of any office specialist (computer/technology, communication, reception, organization), they also require a thorough understanding of the administrative complexities unique to the health care industry; this includes medical ethics, medical law, medical billing and reimbursement, and compliance with federal regulations. In addition, they are often the first person to greet patients and therefore must be friendly and helpful. In this role, the medical office specialist helps build the credibility of provider and fosters loyalty and trust from the patient. Duties depend on the size of the practice or facility. Medical office specialists in a smaller office may perform all the office duties, such as reception, patient record keeping, accounting, billing and coding. Those working at a larger facility are more likely to work in a particular department, such as accounting, medical claims, reception, or medical coding.

Medical Office Administration Career Opportunities
Medical office administration professionals are employed by doctors, hospitals, clinics, local and state health departments, group medical practices, medical research departments, and by other health care practitioners. Medical office administration is an umbrella term that includes professionals who hold a variety of job titles.

Job Titles for Medical Office Administration Professionals

Medical Office Specialist Medical Administrative Assistant Medical Office Receptionist
Medical Secretary Accounting Specialist Medical Office Manager
Medical Biller and Coder Medical Transcriptionist Medical Claims Specialist

Preparing for a Medical Office Administration Career
Medical office administration candidates should prepare to enter the medical field with the skills and knowledge needed to be effective in today's modern medical environment. A Medical Administrative Specialist must have a high school diploma or G.E.D. with acceptable training. Many colleges, career schools and technical schools offer Medical Administrative Assistant, Medical Office Assistant, or Medical Office Specialist programs. Graduates from these programs will receive either a certificate/diploma or Associate Degree depending on the program. Graduation from a school that is accredited makes it easier to apply for certification. Students learn skills such as business communications, medical office administration, keyboarding and computer applications, medical terminology, medical transcription, medical insurance procedures, medical coding and computerized medical billing.

Medical Office Administration Certification & Licensure
Each individual state decides the scope of practice for Medical Administrative Specialists. Most states do not have licensure laws, but many states do have a scope of practice for Medical Administrative Specialists or Medical Assistants. Certification by a recognized organization, such as the American Medical Technologists (AMT), enables Medical Administrative Specialists to be promoted faster, earn a higher pay and great respect. Employers prefer to hire experienced workers and many prefer certified applicants who have passed a national examination, indicating that the Medical Administrative Specialist meets certain standards of competence.

Medical Office Administration Career Outlook and Salary
Medical Office Specialists
enjoy excellent job opportunities as the US Bureau of Labor Statistics projects employment of medical office assistants is projected to grow 23 percent from 2014 to 2024, much faster than the average for all occupations. The US BLS reported the median annual wage for medical assistants was $30,590 in May 2015. Payrate depends on position, employer, region, industry, experience, and specialization. Salary potential can be increased through certification, by advancing to a manager position, or by gaining specialized skills and certifications, such as a medical coding certification.

Career Advancement Options
Medical office managers must have sufficient education, work experience and skills to independently run an entire medical office for a physician, dentist or other private health care practitioner. They often supervise other medical office workers and direct the communications necessary for efficient services. By meeting education and experience requirements, professionals can pursue certifications from either the Professional Association of Health Care Office Management (PAHCOM) or the American Association of Healthcare Administrative Management (AAHAM).

Healthcare managers and administrators plan, direct, coordinate, and supervise the delivery of health care. They are either specialists in charge of a specific clinical department or generalists who manage an entire facility or system. Healthcare managers/administrators are typically required to have a degree in healthcare management and prior work experience.

Medical coders learn and use standardized condition, treatment and laboratory codes so that health care staff can all speak the same language and claims can be filed properly. The best opportunities and salaries are available to certified coders. Medical coders can continue to advance within medical coding through additional job experience and advanced certification. They can also pursue a broader range of jobs in the exploding field of health information.

Salary and employment figures are based on a national median and may vary by location.

Online Schools offering Medical Office Administration Sponsored Listings
American InterContinental University Online

Healthcare Management
Bachelor of Business Administration

AIU's business-focused ACBSP(Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs) accreditedBachelor of Business Administration with a specialization in Health Care Management is structured to assist students in learning the knowledge and skills common to healthcare professionals in management who are working in a variety of healthcare facilities including hospitals, long-term care and managed-care organizations, insurance companies,  pharmaceutical companies, or one of the many other healthcare-related industries.  The real-world focus means class projects and problem-solving are based on real business situations with more than half of your classes in your field of interest and major.

Bachelor of Healthcare Management

A Bachelor of Healthcare Management is ideal for those who are currently working in healthcare organizations such as hospitals, nursing facilities, health insurance providers or extended care facilities, or those who wish to pursue careers in healthcare organizations. American InterContinental University's healthcare management degree programs focus on the unique qualities, knowledge and skills employers are looking for in today's ever-changing healthcare industry.

Colorado Technical University Online

Healthcare Management
Bachelor of Science

Healthcare management professionals work in a dynamic field that affects the wellbeing of individuals and families. The Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Management (BSHCM) degree program at CTU is designed to help students obtain the general education, didactic theory, and hands-on training required to work in management within a healthcare industry. The program offers instruction in the business and administrative side of the healthcare industry, including, but not limited to, patient access, revenue cycle management, project management, economics of healthcare, and fundamentals of marketing and human resource management. The program also includes Capstone courses that are designed to allow the student to integrate and apply learned concepts into case studies or a project. At the completion of the program, graduates who diligently attend class, study, complete their coursework, and practice their skills should be able to seek employment in the field of healthcare management.

Kaplan University Online

Health Care Administration
Bachelor of Science

The Bachelor of Science in Health Care Administration program is designed to address the growing need for well-prepared, entry-level health care administrators. The objective of the program is to provide you with the foundation to work within the health care industry as well as prepare you to pursue entry-level supervisory roles in health care organizations.

The curriculum is designed to help you gain a strong foundation in the core disciplines of health care administration, including content knowledge and skills in the areas of administration and management, and understand important concepts and processes. Coursework teaches foundational knowledge and skills as well as overall concepts, values, research methods, and applications that could prepare you to pursue a leadership career in health administration in the public sector or private industry. The program is taught by faculty with real-world knowledge and experience and helps you develop expertise in core health areas.

If you are interested in pursuing entry-level management positions in health care administration, you may be an ideal candidate for the Bachelor of Science in Health Care Administration program. Upon graduation, you could pursue administrative positions within the health care industry in organizations such as: insurance companies, hospitals, long-term care facilities, public health agencies, outpatient facilities, physician offices, mental health organizations, and other types of health organizations. The Bachelor of Science in Health Care Administration program could also provide an educational foundation if you plan on pursuing a master's degree in order to apply for executive health care positions.

Ashford University Online

Health Care Administration
Bachelor of Arts

Your Bachelor of Arts in Health Care Administration degree features an interdisciplinary and integrated learning approach, and explores health administration, regulation and financing, health care planning and health policy. You will also delve into the social, political, ethical, legal, and economic factors contributing to the complexity of the US health care system.

Purdue University Global
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• Affordable & Flexible
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